Looking for a way to reduce your fine lines and wrinkles? Pigmentation or acne scarring? Dermal-Needling is a quick procedure that will help you get results.

Dermal-needlng/Micro-needling (also know as collagen induction therapy) induces collagen production and strengthens the epidermis.

This technique is done by using a Dermal Pen that contains very fine needles. When passed over the skin, the needles create micro “injuries” in the skin to trigger new collagen synthesis. Each micro “injury” creates a channel that triggers the body to produce new collagen and elastin to fill the microscopic wound. This procedure has no major side effects, minimal pain and beautiful results thats are noticeable in a short period of time.

Reduces Wrinkles & Fine Lines

The loss of elastin and collagen cause thinning, sagging skin, and facial wrinkles. Micro-needling stimulates the production of natural elastin and collagen that reduces wrinkles and fine lines. You’ll have younger looking skin with no downtime. Your pocketbook will like it too – this procedure is much less expensive than laser and light treatments.



Improves Scars


Micro-needling is proven to diminish thelook of surgery and acne scars. This procedure breaks down old tissue and triggers the production of new elastin and collagen for healthier skin.

Stretch marks are extremely difficult to treat and very few cosmetic treatments can improve their appearance. Micro-needling, however, has been shown to improve the appearance of stretch marks, especially when combined with other treatments such as fraxel and other laser treatments.

acne scarring

Reduces Pigmentation


If the hyperpigmentation resides in the epidermis, it responds very well to microneedling and other treatments available. However, if the pigmentation is in the dermis, it is to deep for acid peels but not to deep for microneedling. Expect the skin to respond but it can take more skin needling treatments to see results. It is sometimes best to use combination therapy using microneedle therapy with chemical peels to boost the effectiveness of the procedure.


Prevents Signs of Aging

Micro-needling effectively and powerfully stops the early signs of aging as well as preventing new wrinkles and fine lines from occurring. When combined with consistent use of corrective antioxidant serums, this procedure aids in brightening your skin that results in a youthful glow. You can’t get that from home treatments or other cosmetic products!


How Dermal-needling improves your skin:

Dermal-needling is the science of creating tiny micro-channels into the skin, which immediately stimulates the production of new, healthy collagen. This results in an overall improvement of your skin’s health. A series of 4-6 treatments is recommended.

*Results vary

What to expect during your Dermal-Needling Treatment:

After your personal skincare consultation, your skin is thoroughly cleansed and prepped for the treatment. A topical numbing agent is applied evenly over the area to be treated. You will relax for 15 minutes while the numbing agent takes effect. Next, the numbing agent is removed, serum is applied then the Derma-needling procedure takes place across areas required. A beautiful hydrating mask is applied which cools the skin and  will also give you some extra serum for home use. Proper aftercare products are applied to the treated areas and at home instructions are reviewed.

What to expect after your Micro-Needling Treatment:

After your treatment, your skin will be slightly pink and puffy for up to 24 hours. You may also experience some tightness, or tenderness to the treated area the following day kind of like a sunburnt feeling, this is completely normal. Approximately, 2-3 days after the treatment, you may have some light flaking or dry areas. You will start to see an improvement in your skin’s health as soon as one week after your treatment. Home care products are recommend for optimum results.