Gel Manicure

Artistic Colour Gloss is a soak off gel that applies like polish and gives 2-3 weeks of glossy, vibrant nail colour.  

I like to take pride in caring for clients natural nails and use only the best products available. If you are wanting to achieve strong, long natural nails I can help with this by providing IBX treatments and correction gel for added strength.

Looking for a fun/crazy or artistic set of nails? I can help you achieve this with my never-ending nail art collection. 

Natural Nails and Gel Polish services 

Basic Manicure:

File/shape, buff, cuticles & paint with your choice of nail polish colour then finish with moisturiser                                                 $45

Gel Polish Manicure:

File/shape, buff, cuticles & paint with gel polish colour of your choice then finish with oil and moisturiser                                      $50

Gel polish manicure removal & reapplication:

Same as above but with removal of old gel polish first                                                                                                                   $60

Gel Polish soak off with IBX:

Soak off gel polish, file, buff and IBX treatment applied                                                                                                                                 $40  


Add ons

Glitter or Foils: 

Choose from plenty of glitter or foil colours to add to your acrylic or gel polish manicure                                                     all nails $5-$10

Chrome/mermaid pigment/unicorn pigment:

Pick one of the many pigments to completely change the look of your manicure                                                                            $10-$15

French polish: 

add French to your gel polish or manicure for a classic elegant look                                                                                             $15

Correction Gel: 

Add correction gel to your gel polish manicure for added strength (great for thin, flexible nails).                                                     $5-$10

IBX Treatment:                                                                                                                

Penetrating toughing agent that fuses the nail's top layers to improve nail plate integrity under Gel polish coating. Used to keep your

natural nails strong so they grow long!                                                                              First treatment $15 Follow up treatment $10

Nail Art Combo:

add 2 basic feature nails and 2 detailed feature nails to your gel polish manicure for the ultimate experience                                $15-$20

Feature nail per nail: 

Basic art from polka dots, stamps, stickers etc to hand painted detailed art and full Swarovski nails                              from $2.50-10


If you just need your toe-nails sproused up or a the full foot works with some pampering too then this is the place for you. We use Pure Fiji for our spa pedicures and Artistic colour gloss for Gel polish along with great quality nail polishes to choose from. Come in, relax and let your feet get the treatment they deserve!

Pedicures and feet Services

Basic Pedicure:

File/shape, buff, oil and moisturiser then finished with your choice of nail Polish colour                                                                  $45

Gel Polish Pedicure:

File/shape, buff and then paint with your choice of gel Polish colour, finish with oil and moisturiser                                                $55

Deluxe Pure Fiji Spa Pedicure: 

File/shape, buff, push back cuticles, soak in Pure Fiji coconut milk, exfoliate feet, callus removal followed by massage with Pure

 Fiji moisturiser and paint with your choice of Nail Polish colour                                                                                                      $75

Deluxe Pure Fiji Spa Gel Polish Pedicure:

File/shape, buff, push back cuticles, soak in Pure Fiji coconut milk, exfoliate feet, callus  removal, followed by massage with Pure

Pure Fiji moisturiser and paint with your choice of Gel polish colour                                                                                               $90

Acrylic Toe-nail services

French Acrylic Toes :

File/shape, toes prepped and sculptured white and pink acrylic applied to create a beautiful French                                            $100

French Acrylic backfill toes:

Prep and file old acrylic, backfill with pink and white acrylic for a freshened look (4-8 weekly)                                                          $85

Acrylic full-set toes:

For anyone with short, misshapen or damaged toe-nails & wanting beautiful toes. Finished with polish or add gel polish               $85

Acrylic backfill toes:

Prep and file old acrylic and fresh acrylic applied for a freshened look (4-8 weekly)                                                                        $65

Gel polish add on:

add gel polish onto any service                                                                                                                                                       $10

Artistic Nail Design

Whether you are a long term Acrylic or Hard Gel wearer or you need them for a special occasion you have found the right place. Lisa is an expert in Acrylic nail services with 14 years experience mastering the perfect acrylic set of nails that last and using only the best products. Pick from a service below and also view the gallery for ideas

Acrylic nails

Nail Enhancements 

French Acrylic Extensions:

File and prep nails, Pink and white acrylic is applied on either a tip or form and finished with a high shine gel top coat                $125

Acrylic Sculptured Extensions with Gel Polish:

File & prep Nails, clear, nude or pink acrylic is applied on a form and sculptured to desired shape then finished gel polish on top  $95

Acrylic Extensions with tips 

File and prep nails, clear, nude or pink acrylic is applied on top of a tip and finished with gel polish                                                  $75

French backfill 2-3 weekly:

Acrylic & nail is prepped and new pink and white acrylic is applied to keep your French set fresh (2-3 weekly is recommended)    $85

French rebalance 4 weekly:

Acrylic & nail is prepped and new pink and white acrylic is applied, nails are rebalanced (more growth requires nail restructure)   $95

Natural acrylic backfill 2-3 weeks

Acrylic & nail is prepped and new acrylic is applied to keep your acrylic set fresh (2-3 weekly is recommended)                            $75

Natural acrylic backfill 3-4 weeks:

Acrylic & nail is prepped and new acrylic is applied, nails are rebalanced (more growth requires nail restructure)                           $85

Extra long,almond or coffin:

If you want extra long, on trend Almond or Coffin/tapered square nails                                                                                           $15-$25


Make your acrylic set sparkle with the amazing top quality professional only Lecenté glitter                                                             $5-$10

Nail art (per finger):

Basic nail art: polka dots, stamping, stickers etc to hand painted designs and Swarovski crystals                                 from $2.50-$10

Soak-off and with full set:

Proper soak-off of acrylic nails using Acetone and individual foils (no drilling of the natural nail) done before a new set                 $35
Soak-off and IBX treatment:

Proper soak-off of acrylic nails using acetone and individual foils (no drilling of the natural nail) & IBX treatment after.                   $60

Artistic Perfect dip:

Artistic have released their own version of dipping acrylic system, perfect for those wanting more strength then gel polish alone   $70

Artistic perfect dip with soak off and reapplication:

Artistic dipping system can be backfilled but needs to be soaked off and replaced after every third session                                   $85